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Five dead in shooting rampage at Santa Monica College, including shooter

FINAL UPDATE (6/9): The Los Angeles Times reports that six are dead, including the suspect (who was fatally shot by police in the library), in addition to his father and his brother, who perished in the burned home.

Multiple news outlets are reporting that a shooting has taken place on or near the campus of Santa Montica college.

The Los Angeles Times reports that three people have been shot by a single shooter. Police tell the local CBS affiliate that a man with one or more guns was firing bullets south of campus. Both report that the suspect was taken into custody in a library, while the affiliate reports that the shooting began at a residence.

A fire official tells the AP that two men are dead in a burned off-campus home near the shooting scene. It’s not yet clear if the deaths are related to the shooting:

Police also told the station that there are unconfirmed reports of a man shooting at a bus and car. A student told KCAL 9 that there were two shooters, but that report is unconfirmed. Often, firsthand reports immediately following an event like this are sketchy.

President Barack Obama is apparently not too far away from the school at a luncheon. The Secret Service says his trip hasn’t been impacted, according to CBS’s Mark Knoller:

Worth noting: The college’s website made no initial mention of the incident, even though news outlets report the school is on lockdown. The SMCPD page also had no alert. Most other colleges in the country–even small community colleges–have an alert system that posts bulletins on the school’s website and alerts students by email, text or phone message. I’m not even sure if they have such a system–I was unable to find a sign-up page on the SMCPD page.