Police near Yale recover thousands of stolen electronics

When it comes to stolen electronics, cops near college campuses don’t often expend significant time searching for stolen electronics if leads are scarce (as they usually are). Screen Shot 2013-10-07 at 11.17.13 PM

But in New Haven, Conn., home to Yale University, local police recently recently seized thousands of stolen electronics after raids in local stores, the Yale Daily News reports.

As a part of Operation Apple Harvest, New Haven Police officers conducted sting operations at three mobile device stores and a furniture shop, arresting five people on various charges, the Daily News reported.

A NHPD spokesman actually tells the Daily News that most of the devices won’t likely be returned because it’s hard to identify owners. Rather, the department said it hopes the raids sent a “strong message” to criminals. Not sure if that puts victims at ease.

Because it’s so hard to link devices back to their owners, rampant theft has led many large universities to form registration programs for electronics and bikes to connect a device’s serial number to its owner. With visible stickers, the programs likely deter theft — which means that a campus that is heavily registered could see a decrease in larceny statistics.

There aren’t many non-chain electronic stores here in Ann Arbor, so AAPD and University of Michigan Police don’t have much business raiding local shops. Here, on the rare chance that electronics are recovered, police tell me that they’re often recovered in the possession of individuals with drug-related charges. UMPD spokeswoman Diane Brown tells me that UMPD investigators have found that many thieves steal devices to sell them for narcotics.



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