Dartmouth student newspaper concludes sexual assault series with story on Greek system

Screen Shot 2013-05-06 at 11.30.53 PM

The Dartmouth at Dartmouth College in Hanover, N.H. is finishing up its three-part series on sexual assault with a report on how fraternities at the school are working to combat the prevalence of sexual assault on the campus.

The article notes that the council that governs the College’s fraternities and sororities has established a system that penalizes and educates members who are found guilty of sexual assault by the Committee on Standards, the College’s internal judiciary body. The council also offers sexual assault awareness training to groups, but officials tell the Dartmouth that few have used that service.

Several fraternity members quoted in the article express concern that the Greek system is being unfairly targeted in the fight against sexual assault. And while they’re given this space to cry foul, the article lacks significant insight from individuals who are critical of the Greek community. The Greek system is clearly working to combat sexual assault — and should be applauded for that — but surely there are students at Dartmouth who feel the Greeks aren’t doing enough or individuals who would disagree with the fraternity members’ assertion that they are being wrongly singled out.

The article does a great job in highlighting the Greek community’s educational initiatives and preventative measures, but it lacks almost any criticism of the Greek community for what is likely a somewhat significant problem among its chapters.

Clery Act statistics from 2011 show that 12 forcible sexual assaults were reported on Dartmouth’s campus and three in noncampus areas, which often includes fraternities, sororities and Co-ops.


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